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Individual therapy for women and men ages 18+

Mental Health

Overall, you don't feel like you are living the way you want to.  You don't like how you feel every day.

Wondering if it is...



Something else?


This one cannot be fully explained here in this little square. There are so many facets.  Here are a few: 

Identity struggles

Mom guilt, feeling like a failure

Struggle with purpose 

SAHM mom life and all that comes with it

Working mom life and all that comes with it

Parenting questions

Marriage changes


Grieving the end of different stages

The list goes on and on...

Life Transitions

Going to college?

Starting a new job or career, leaving a job or career?

New relationship? Ended a relationship?

Just moved? Want to move?

Newly married?

Recently divorced?

Just had a baby? Or a second? Or more?

Relationship Issues 

This one also includes an exhaustive list of possibilities. But my guess is someone that feels very important to you is also causing you pain in some way.  Here are just a few examples:

Family (parents, siblings, extended family)





Church community 

Really anyone important to you!

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